Mother of All Chain (MOAC) Blockchain

MOAC offers many services for people who want to use the blockchain technology for business. MOAC has a layered configuration structure, asynchronous contract calls and a unique uses sharding solutions.

MOAC will make pluggable validation schemes and create a wider participation in the validation process of the blockchain for different users.

MOAC will also make it easy to deploy sub blockchains called AppChains and intend to offer easy solutions for small companies that want to create sub blockchains by themselves.

By separating balance transfer and Smart Contracts, the platform’s advanced layered Multi-blockchain architecture increases overall transaction processing speeds up to 100x faster (TPS) than Ethereum. The MOAC architecture is overviewed below, consisting of MotherChain , an event handling system, Smart Contracts as AppChains , blockchain sharding, Cross-Chain capabilities, security, and an API.



BaseChain, or MotherChain, is the public blockchain layer that processes balance transfers, blockchain operation, consensus, and data access. It is an intersystem Proof of Work blockchain that handles data storage and compute processing for Smart Contracts and DApps.


MOAC is one of the first blockchain solutions to implement a unique AppChain per Smart Contract, providing for efficiency and scalability beyond existing solutions.

The MOAC Platform uses AppChains to separate processing tasks and isolate blockchain functions from business logic for each individual smart contract. By providing each Smart Contract with its own unique AppChain, it enables Smart Contracts to use a variety of consensus protocols and results in a wider range of potential business logic use cases. Developers have the freedom to select the consensus protocol that best fits their use case and determine the number of nodes allocated to a specific Smart Contract. All the states of the Smart Contract are saved inside the local AppChain™ and can write data to the MotherChain™ as needed for finality.




The crowdsale of MOAC happened in June 2017. There are total 75,000,000 MOAC used in the ICO. Total 56,483,386 MOAC was sold during the ICO time and the rest is held by private investors. The ICO successfully raised 7M USD for the team to start the development.

MOAC tokens are also mineable and mining is a viable alternative if you want to have the tokens. At first you will be able to be rewarded with 2 MOAC tokens per block but this number will decrease by half whenever 12,500,000 MOAC tokens have been already mined.


MOAC is an ongoing project. A planned roadmap can be seen at:


Most recent progress can be found at the github page:

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