SCS start guide


Official MOAC SCS can be downloaded from the release link

Before start the SCS client, make sure to modify the userconfig.json. The contents of the userconfig.json is the following:

  1. VnodeServiceCfg:The VNODE IP and port for the SCS to connect. Each SCS needs to connect a VNODE to communicate with the BaseChain. You can setup a local VNODE or use a trust VNODE from other sources. Default value is localhost:50062.
  2. DataDir:SCS data directory that holding the MicroChain data. Default is “./scsdata”.
  3. LogPath:SCS log directory, default is “./_logs”.
  4. Beneficiary:Account holds the MicroChain mining rewards. Please don’t use the SCS account for this. We suggest you create this account separatly and don’t put the keystore file on SCS.
  5. VnodeChainId:network id with the BaseChain. Testnet = 101 and mainnet = 99. If you have a custome network, you need to make sure the vnode connect with has the same network id.
  6. LogLevel:Logging verbosity, 0=silent, 1=error, 2=warn, 3=info, 4=debug (default: 4)
  7. Capability: desposit limit for one AppChain. Since each MicroChain requires some desposit to join, you can set this number and only join the MicroChain with deposit requirement less than this limit.
  8. ReconnectInterval: If the connection is lost with vnode, SCS will try to connect with the vnode again. This is the number of seconds between each connection with vnode.
  9. BondLimit: SCS can choose the AppChain it wants to join. A top limit of the mc deposit amount to join one AppChain. If an AppChain requires more deposit than this limit, SCS won’t join the AppChain as a validator(miner). Default value is 2, unit is mc.
  10. ReWardMin: Minimum reward number for the SCS to join one AppChain. If the AppChain rewards less than this value, SCS won’t join the AppChain as a validator(miner). Default values is 0.0001, unit is mc.

Installation guide


1. 使用 tar 来解压缩,可以看到scs目录下有三个文件: README - 说明文件; scsserver - 可执行程序; userconfig.json - 配置文件;


如果要看帮助信息, 使用help参数: ./scsserver –help

–datadir “/Users/zpli/go/src/” Data directory for the microchain databases –password value password of the SCS keystore (default: “moacscsofflineaccountpwd”)
--rpc Enable the HTTP JSON-RPC server
--rpcdebug Enable the HTTP-RPC Debug server
--rpcaddr value
 HTTP-RPC server listening interface (default: “”)
--rpcport value
 HTTP-RPC server listening port (default: 8548)
--rpcapi value API’s offered over the HTTP-RPC interface
--rpccorsdomain value
 Comma separated list of domains from which to accept cross origin requests (browser enforced)
--userconfig value
 userconfig [file path]
--verbosity value
 sets the verbosity level, override loglevel in userconfig.json (default: 2)
--help, -h show help
--version, -v print the version





D:\scs>scsserver.exe --help

其它操作参考 Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS。